optimal Safari vehicles

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for wildlife observation & nature photography

Our vehicles for guided tours & as rental cars

Our vehicles are designed for safety on gravel, tarmac, heavy off-road terrain, and sand, while ensuring comfort with spacious window seating and a pop-up roof

Our Vehicles:

Namibia, with its extensive network of gravel roads, emphasizes a focus on risk avoidance!

Toyota Land Cruiser Standard

3 window seats + 1 driver

Toyota Land Cruiser (long)

5 window seats, 1 middle seat + 1 driver

Toyota Land Cruiser (extra long)

7 window seats, 1 middle seat + 1 driver

Be on the road with Leaflove Safari because…

Our double cabin cruisers are used a lot for guided self-drive tours and smaller camping safaris, as they are equipped with refrigerators, an auxiliary generator, two high capacity batteries and a converter – so you also have the possibility to charge your batteries in the middle of the bush.

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