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Namibia is our home and we love it here!

We’ll reveal to you our passion for the rugged, nearly pristine African wilderness and the unique thrill of discovery on your Namibia safari!

all about our Leaflove Safaris

As colorful and diverse as our country, so are our journeys.

For those who look closer, there’s more to see. We aim to help you understand connections through nature observations, capture moments through photography, and experience your surroundings with all your senses.

Nature observations on your custom safari…

At Leaflove Safari in Namibia, we are dedicated to providing you with a unique experience. We have been living in this beautiful land for five generations, and we are passionate about sharing its wonders with you.

By the way, the “Leaflove,” also known as the Yellow-throated Leaflove, is a rare bird species that was only recently discovered in Namibia. Just like this elusive bird, we aim to offer you something truly special on your journey with us.

Popular Safaris

Brown Hyena / Schabrackenhyäne / Strandwolf

Diverse Namibia – July 2025

15 Days – Diverse Namibia – July 2025, a guided Safari in a small group through Namibia, where you’ll immerse yourself in the abundant wildlife and flora, as well as encounter numerous highlights of this remarkable country.

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