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How do I drive on a gravel road? Follow these few tips on how to drive on a gravel road.

A gravel road is ALWAYS quite slippery; therefore, please always drive with the awareness of not having perfect road grip. Here are some important guidelines for your journey:

  1. When crossing worn-out median strips, ease off the gas and keep the steering wheel as stable as possible – avoid strong counter-steering.
  2. Always check the rearview mirrors, even on empty roads! If someone wants to overtake, pull over to the left, take your foot off the gas, and avoid throwing stones.
  3. Drive with the necessary consideration, especially when overtaking other vehicles, to minimize dust and gravel. Other drivers may not be wealthy and cannot afford new windshields.
  4. NEVER pass “blindly” if you can’t see oncoming traffic in the dust! (Being particularly attentive is crucial here!)
  5. Donkeys and horses in front of carts don’t like dust and gravel. Be cautious not to endanger these animals.
  6. Animals often startle at passing vehicles and can harm their riders. Be especially careful around carts with donkeys and horses, as well as running young animals.
  7. Drive slowly past herds or individual animals, and do not exceed speed limits of 90 km/h on good gravel roads and 80 km/h on poor gravel roads.
  8. Remember that rental cars have tracking systems, and speeding can have unpleasant insurance consequences!
  9. Please drive very slowly over “corrugations” (grooves on the road), as fast driving on uneven roads can affect traction and lead to dangerous situations.
  10. Exercise extreme caution at dusk when many animals cross roads. Turn on your lights to be more visible.
  11. Keep a safe distance from Namibian taxi drivers, who are considered highly dangerous. Stay vigilant and be prepared for sudden braking, turning, or overtaking.
  12. Avoid recklessness on the road and prioritize your safety.
  13. Be particularly attentive at dusk when many animals cross the roads.
  14. Turn on your lights on gravel roads to be better seen in the dust.

“Wishing you a safe journey” – Your Leaflove Team. If you have additional suggestions that should be mentioned, please let us know.

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