Disclaimer, Registration & Insurance:

Leaflove Safari cc is a fully registered company with the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB). Please find the NTB Certificate

Leaflove Safari cc is governed by and is liable under Namibian law.

If anything should happen to you in any way, the emergency services will be dispatched as soon as possible to pick you up by plane. You will then be taken to a modern private hospital. Leaflove Safari cc and the travel agents with whom we work act only as agents for the traveller and are therefore not liable for any accidents, injuries, delays, irregularities, loss, misplacement or damage to baggage or other property.

All travel is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective airlines, hotels, restaurants and other service providers.


Flight Bookings – Online Direct or Travel Agency?

We offer all trips without flights, and you are free to book flights directly online or at the travel agency of your choice (we are happy to provide recommendations upon request).

(The following text is from a preferred travel agency of our choice)

Advantages of booking flights through the travel agency summarized:

  • Personal Consultation: Receive individual advice for your travel planning.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Enjoy not only personal advice but also comprehensive protection and support in case of changes or cancellations.
  • Prompt Information on Flight Changes: In the event of airline schedule changes, we will inform you promptly as your point of contact and ensure that your journey runs smoothly or flights can be rebooked free of charge.
  • Security in Crisis Situations: Even in crisis situations, we make every effort to ensure your safe return home.

In comparison, these advantages are not available with self-bookings on the internet, and you are left to your own devices when unforeseen situations arise. While there is also the option to seek assistance from the airline hotline with online bookings, this often requires a significant amount of patience and time, depending on the airline and the situation.


Changes in services:

Leaflove Safari cc reserves the right, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, to make itinerary or arrangement changes or offer equivalent substitutions on all tours as well as hotel accommodation, land arrangements, itineraries or other rental arrangements, as appropriate, without prior notice.

Please let us know how you would like your safari to be. Once we have made the appropriate offer for you, or you have chosen one of our existing safaris, please send a written confirmation by email. You will then receive a booking confirmation and payment details from Leaflove Safari cc.


Payments & Cancellation Policies:

Booking Deposit:
A 25% booking deposit is required to secure your reservation. This payment serves to secure accommodations, ensuring optimal placement for our clients, and granting exclusive room rights. Please be aware that this deposit is non-refundable in the event of a customer-initiated cancellation.

Up to 65 Days Before Arrival:
A 50% deposit (25% + 25%) of the total price is due up to 65 days before the scheduled arrival.

Up to 31 Days Before Departure:
The remaining 50% of the total cost must be settled up to 31 days before the tour commencement.

Emergency Cancellation by Leaflove Safari cc:
Should a tour need to be canceled due to emergency circumstances by Leaflove Safari cc, the full deposit will be promptly refunded.


Customer Cancellation Conditions:

  • Booking start date up to 65 days before the tour: 25% of safari cost.
  • 65 to 31 days before departure: 50% of the safari cost.
  • 30 days and less before departure: 100% of the safari cost.

Kindly note that we adhere strictly to the booking and cancellation conditions stipulated by our service providers, including accommodations and various activity providers.

Late or Early Departure:
Regrettably, no refund is feasible in the case of a delayed or earlier-than-scheduled departure, as outlined in the program.

Non-Timely Payment:
Failure to receive the deposit or final payment on time grants Leaflove Safari cc the authority to cancel all bookings immediately.

Booking Confirmation:
Your booking is officially confirmed once you’ve provided written confirmation and/or made a deposit.

Comprehensive Travel and Cancellation Insurance:
We strongly recommend acquiring comprehensive travel and cancellation insurance for all safaris. It is incumbent upon the customer to ensure that the insurance coverage aligns with the dates of their holiday.

Program Modifications Due to Unforeseen Circumstances:
Leaflove Safari cc retains the right to alter the program or itinerary in response to unforeseen circumstances.

Liability Disclaimer:
Neither Leaflove Safari cc nor any individual acting on behalf of the company shall be held liable for losses or damages resulting from any incident. Liability is also disclaimed for errors or omissions in travel documents, unconfirmed bookings, and loss or damage due to delays, illness, injury, or death, regardless of negligence. (This disclaimer extends to personal belongings, urging travelers not to transport valuable items.)

Leaflove Safari cc’s Right to Cancel Bookings:
Leaflove Safari cc reserves the right to cancel bookings in the event of illness, legal requirements, or inappropriate conduct by a customer. In such instances, Leaflove Safari cc is under no obligation to refund travel costs.

Contact with Wild Animals on Safari:
On safari, participants may come into contact with wild animals. Leaflove Safari cc, its employees, or service providers assume no liability for the consequences of injuries or accidents during the safari.


Vehicle Rental and Insurance Guidelines for Self-Drivers:

In Namibia, there is no legal obligation for private individuals to hold insurance. We presume that all damages to our vehicles are covered by our insurance.

Our insurance includes liability coverage, though it will not apply in cases of proven negligence.

It’s crucial to understand that any damage, whether caused by third parties or the renter’s own actions, is the responsibility of the vehicle renter, and the applicable deductible will be due.

Sandblasting damage, glass breakage, and tire damage are included in our insurance; however, the deductible also applies to these damages. Please be aware that we provide our vehicles with a minimum tire tread depth of 6 mm and always supply TWO new or new replacement tires.

In the event of accidents, vehicle recovery is included, provided the accident is covered by insurance. (For instance, if a customer drives under the influence and collides with a tree, insurance coverage will not apply.)

All vehicles are tracked through “car tracking” to monitor accidents, theft, and any unauthorized driving.

Our insurance does not cover negligent behavior, and the customer will be held fully liable for the damage. This includes:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Loss of keys and documents
  • Incorrect fuel and oil in the tank (please provide detailed information to the gas station attendant)
  • Driver not registered with us/the rental car company and has not shown their driver’s license
  • Exceeding speed limits: 60 km/h in parks, 80 km/h on gravel, and 100 km/h on asphalt. Please be aware that insurance becomes void if these limits are disregarded. Did you know that almost every fourth rental car is taken out of circulation due to rollovers?
  • Proven disregard for traffic rules
  • Water crossings deeper than axle height
  • Off-road driving outside the specified routes and resulting damage to the chassis or elsewhere (e.g., driving on the beach, adventurous 4×4 trails)
  • Proven wear on the clutch, gearbox, and chassis (e.g., driving with the handbrake)
  • Damage caused by offering rides (it is expressly forbidden to transport hitchhikers!)
  • Fire damage caused by cigarettes or cookers, etc.
  • Damage to the interior due to a lack of respect for others’ property
  • Damage caused by standing on the bonnet and roof
  • Negligence-induced rim damage (e.g., driving with a flat tire)

Break-in to your rental car: Our insurance covers vehicle damage and a portion of the stolen goods, but only if a police report and some photos are available.

We always strive to be accommodating and therefore always offer inclusive full insurance with the lowest possible deductible. (Unfortunately, comprehensive coverage, as commonly understood, is not available in Namibia.)

Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey!