Wearing the correct hat on a safari in Namibia

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Schildkröte Mit Hut

It is truly a unique psychology when it comes to hats… Show me your hat, and I’ll tell you who you are, or something like that.

There should be an absolute ban on matching hats for couples. When you see a group of tourists leaving the well-known safari shop in Windhoek, ALL WEARING THE SAME HAT, the one with the net on the side for supposedly letting the scalp breathe, you can observe the locals smiling.

Karl Lagerfeld aptly remarked that anyone who ventures into public wearing sweatpants has completely lost control of their life. He would probably say something similar if he could see what the esteemed tourists are setting off with.

And no, what works in America, is common in Australia, and is modern in England… doesn’t always apply in Namibia, but often works better than a straw hat :-).

Dear Africa fans, a hat must tell a story, have a history, “have style,” as the Southwester says. The hat shouldn’t be too much of a statement but also not look like you went specifically to an outdoor store for it.

Floppy hats are “in,” hats with strings, elastic, and mesh are “out,” leather is too heavy, canvas is too touristy – what should I do?

The “Wanderer Hat” or “Classic” or “Hemp Hat” from Tilly, or something similar, is quite simple and appealing. Just a suggestion… maybe it helps 😉

Soon, as Lisa says, we’ll even have ones with the super-valuable Leaflove logo, but I need to do some test-wearing and tasting first.

If you raise one hand up and form a T with the other, many think of “time-out.” Here, in the lingo, it means “tourist.” Since this sign should never be allowed behind our guests’ backs, we’re happy to advise on hat purchases.

The other day, I walked into Opa Holtz’s place, a well-known safari outfitter, and asked, “Do you have nice hats?” He replied, “Well, like the old army hats, but cooler? I know what you’re looking for. I don’t have it. It should be a farm hat, a floppy hat without being floppy, a safari hat, one you can wear to church and on the hunt, and then one that, when you loose it, you wear black and sogg for a week. Sorry, get your own.”

So, we’ll be ordering our own soon… and you can get them from us!

Last Updated on 18. February 2024 by Albert Voigts von Schütz

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