All the diverse habitats encountered on this safari offer a variety of birds, small animals, well-known African mammals, and impressive flora! Why can this journey be described as both ornithological and photographic? Because the intense search for birds, patient stops at locations of animal concentrations, and the often shared interest in nature create excellent photographic moments! A journey through all of Namibia’s biotopes!

  • The acacia savannah of the central Khomas Highlands
  • Dunes and expansive lichen fields on the gravel plains of the Namib Desert
  • The Atlantic, sandy beaches, and the tidal area of the Walvis Bay Lagoon, a World Heritage site
  • The granite bubbles and volcanic structures of the semi-desert at Spitzkoppe and Erongo, an endemic paradise
  • Etosha National Park with mopane savannah, waterholes, Tamboti woodlands, and saltbush steppes.
  • Jackalberry and Manketti woodlands, papyrus-fringed tidal areas, lagoons, and tidal areas of the Okavango, Zambezi, and Chobe showcase a diversity of different animals and plants rarely found in any other African country.
  • Victoria Falls, a small rainforest full of surprises!